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What I think about flash movies on newgrounds.

2008-01-31 21:47:49 by maddog-326

When someone gets bored one day and has nothing to do. They deiced they want to make something creative for a change they download the adobe flash demo. They play around on it. And when they feel satisfied they go to newgrounds for positive feedback so they have the motivation to make a another flash movie and make it better next time.
Then when they submit it the person to say anything is the guy that says "omfg you suxors" or something like that. Everyone on this site needs to clam down. It's not like the person is getting paid to make flash movies. Now if you were paying to see the videos then you some right to be mad.
That is my opinion
What is yours?



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2008-01-31 21:53:55

me personally if its crap I blam it. it saves me the trouble of typing and gets the same message across.

maddog-326 responds:

Depends on the effort they make. I have seen plenty of crap before.